Walking in Panama City


English Summary: Even though it's the rainy season, it is still sunny everyday. Perhaps Naoko inherited her Mommy's luck for sunny weather not matter where she goes.

We also have lovely parakeets that fly to trees of El Cangrejo every evening around 6 pm. It is said that parakeets never fly alone because they are lovers they fly in pairs. These birds are so loud that their screeching blocks out the sound of the traffic below.


When walking through Panama City you need to pay attention where you are going. Large open manholes abound. Jeff also has a history of falling in large holes in the ground, so it is not the best omen.



Cheasty said...

As one of your most faithful readers, could I put in a request for a teeny little summary at the end in English? The pictures look cool, but i haven't got a clue what's going on!

Cheasty said...

Yay! parakeets and manholes and salads! hoorraaaaay! thanks, jeff and naoko!