Via Argentina

Via Argentina. This is the street we live on. It is also thought to be very European because it has trees lining the road (unlike the rest of the streets in El Cangrejo). In addition there's a cafe named "Ludwig van" as well as stenciled grafiti of punk rockers from back in the day.

Monuments populate Via Argentina including generals, boxers, scientists, etc. At the end of Via Argentina (where it meets Via Espana) there's a bust of an Argentinean, General Belgrano, some jerk from the wars of independence during the 1820s and a gift from the Argentinean embassy. More interestingly, is the monument to Albert Einstein (called "Einstein's head"). A little reminder that El Cangrejo was once a large Jewish neighborhood in Panama City.



Ruby Banshee said...

Hi Jeff and Naoko! Congratulations on your move to Panama! What an adventure, I'm so jealous. Kathy cleaned my teeth today and showed me your blog. I've added you to my Bloglines so I can't wait to hear about how things go for you.

Naoko said...

Hey, Mandy,
Thanks for you comment. We are glad that you are connected to our blog!