Good Ol' Fashion Street Preachin'... But I Don't Have a Picture to Prove It

So I was planning to post a picture of a born-again-type preacher trying to save souls from damnation in the heart of heathendom (San Fransisco). But I mysteriously lost them from our camera. (Divine intervention?) Equipped with a megaphone, a placard, and a "Holy Bible" (written in neon pink letters), the preacher ranted on as oblivious cityfolk went about their business and tourists waited to get on the street trolley. Most interesting was his large sign plastered with a list of people destined for hell. I'll list the damned from memory in alphabetical order: "all non-homemakers" (I wasn't exactly sure what this meant... anybody who works outside the home? women who work outside the home? apartment dwellers? homeless people?) Anyway, the list continued: "dikes on bikes," "followers of false religions," "homosexuals," "rebellious women," "sports nuts," "weak-kneed, gutless men." There were more, but those are some highlights. Anyway, I found the whole thing pretty amusing. I shouted my "Amens" and what not. Then Naoko stood in front of our preacher friend and took a picture as he went about condemning the world.
But in the absence of photos of our preacher friend and his sign, we'll leave you some pictures of us in San Fransisco. Not quite as exciting.

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