Four Reasons to Love Canby, Oregon


There are so many reasons to miss Oregon. Number one: little second cousins. Isis, seen here in the picture, is always lots of fun. At the age of 3, she is already a drama queen actress with lots of good energy. We will really miss being there to see them grow and mature over the next year. Roman, for example, is already walking and starting to utter his first words (last time we saw him he was still mastering the crawl) and by the time we get back to Oregon he will most likely be a little chatter box. Likewise, Isabella (only four months now) will probably be working on the two-legged waddle when she's not crawling.


Reason 2: Pumpkin patches and corn mazes in October! Here we are at a local pumpkin patch with Nick (goofy one in the middle), Anil (the other goofy one), and Emily (also goofy, but less so in pictures). A beautiful autumn evening!

Reason 3: Magnum bottles of homemade wine and friends to share it with!


Last, but certainly not least, reason 4: Mommy and Daddy! Oregon wouldn't be so lovely without them!

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