Happy Anniversary Spinal Tap!!

Please join the Potsusaker Post in congratulating Spinal Tap on their Silver Anniversary. A toast to 25 years of pretentious rock music!

Top row (left to right): Marty, David St. Hubbins
Bottom row (left to right): Nigel Tufnel, Derek Smalls

How could we go on living with out such classics as:

(Begin music and scroll)
Tonight We're Gonna Rock You

Bitch School
Sex Farm
Hell Hole (Naoko's personal favorite)
Listen to the Flower People (Jeff's personal favorite)
Big Bottom (T's personal favorite)

Here's an excerpt from a recent interview with Vanity Fair magazine:

VF: How do you stay relevant after all these years?

Smalls: We never were relevant. That’s the key.

St. Hubbins: We never had the pain of seeing relevance slip away from us.

Tufnel: You can’t chase relevance. You can’t be wed to it. You can’t look at it like a religion. If you look in the mirror and see it, you’ve made a mistake. That’s your first mistake.

Our Potsusaker hats go off to Nigel Tufnel, Derek Smalls, and David St. Hubbins as well as Marty and the crew. Happy Silver Anniversary!! Keep on rockin'.


Cheasty said...

spinal tap? i thought that was just a movie. did they make music for real?

naokoandjeff said...

Listen, (Shhhh) to what the flower people say (Ahhhh ah ahh ahhh)
Listen, it's getting louder every day

Listen, (Shhhh) it's like a bolt out of the blue (Ahhhh ah ahh ahhhh)
Listen, it could be calling now for you

Flower people walk on by
Flower people don't you cry
It's not too late (No!)
It's not too late

(pretentious sitar solo)

Listen (Shhhh) it's like a Mozart symphony (guitar solo of mozart)
Listen (Shhhh) it's something just for you and me

Listen (Shhhh) to what the flower people say (Ahhhh ahh ah ahhh)
Listen, it's getting truer every day-ay-ay

(Ahhhh ahh ah ahhhh)

naokoandjeff said...

Cheasty, where have you been for the past 25 years?? Of course they made (make?) music for real! I'm rock'n out to it right now on our sweet sound system here at the Potsusaker Post editorial board room.

T said...

I can't believe you left out "Big Bottom."


naokoandjeff said...

Dear T,

Our deepest and most sincere apologies for the oversight on our part. Please refer to the updated version of the blog entry.


The Editors of the Potsusaker Post