Jeffrey's Dreams: Bubbles, Hitchens, and Jumpers

Recently I have had too many crazy dreams not to share. The worst part of blogging dreams is its more difficult to post pictures. Regardless, I will be posting a regular series of my dreams for loyal Potsusaker readers.

Disclaimer: Naoko has warned me not to remember, analyze, or blog my dreams because I would risk driving myself insane. She may have departed this advice too late. I have always loved when I can remember my dreams. I wish I could record them on DVD/Ipod so I could have a sort-of home movies collection. Steve Jobs, get on it.

Now let's take a trip into my subconscious...

Last night: Some bad guys in space in a large translucent bubble preparing for the good guys' arrival. One of the gray haired bad guy's face is holographically projected in to the middle of the bubble and he gives a moniacal laugh.

I enter translucent bubble (zero gravity). But no more bad guys. Instead tumbler glasses and ice cubes float around while spinning along randomly in the bubble. I too am floating and spinning around like the ice cubes and tumbler glasses. Along with other faceless people, I try to catch the ice cubes with the tumblers.

After catching my first ice cube, gravity gently sets in. The bubble transforms into a square penthouse-like room. Four people sit separately in each corner (perhaps the bad guys but not so bad now). Christopher Hitchens is sitting with one leg crossed across his knee and a drink in hand (saying things you can imagine him saying while sipping on brandy). Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out what I do with a glass and an ice cube.

The Christopher Hitchens of my dreams...

Then I look out the window of the penthouse and see the capitol building in Austin with the UT tower directly behind it. On top of the tower, a bearded man in a red-flannel shirt appears. I think: "that's wierd, I thought they didn't let people go on top of the tower since that horrible shooting incident decades ago." Then the bearded man hops on the ledge and runs, but he has no pants on to cover his unhealthy-looking chicken legs. Then jumps off the tower. "Oh my god he's committing suicide!" His body disappears behind the capitol dome.

I move to get a better view. Suddenly two women appear on top of the tower and they begin running and jumping one right after another. "Oooohhh.. oooh..." I watch as they hit the ground. One bounces kind of funny. The other gets up and begins running again (presumably back up the tower). The funny bouncy one also gets back up (a little dizzy) and runs after the other woman. I look to see what happened to the red-flannel bearded dude. His limbs look in particularly bad shape (he did have skinny legs to begin with). Nevertheless, he gets up and meanders to a gazebo next to the tower and sits down to rest. I begin looking up the tower as a third woman jumps. She falls down head first. She hits bottom with no chance of recovery. A nice splat. No bounces. No blood. Just splat.

I wake up.


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