San Blas: Relax


First thing in the morning: reading on the beach. Sometimes, even before breakfast.


Snorkeling, snorkeling, and snorkeling. Before lunch, and after lunch. The Robinson Island has this beautiful coral. Not too big, but it's beautiful. We could see a lot of fish within a short swimming distance.


Nap time after snorkeling. The hammok in Panama is made of cotton fabric, which is alot better than the netted ones. This one is made in Colombia. Very stable and comfortable.


We were wise enough to bring a bottle of nice rum, which is recommended by multiple friends. Taste the best at room temperature. It was really good. The rum, Flor de Cana, is made in Nicaragua. When the Kiosk is not open or there is simply no electricity to generate power for the frige, this works wonders.

Just a very relaxing time. Even the dogs sat around smoking.


takeshi said...

it seems like you guys living in the Paradise.


Cheasty said...

FLOR DE CANA!! yesssssssss!! now i know you're having fun. god that stuff is solid gold!

Miwan said...

Reading all day! What luxury!