San Blas: Beaches at Isla Robinson

カーニバルの連休を利用して、カリブ海のサンブラス諸島(クナ・ヤラ自治区)へ行ってきました。いやいあや、驚きと幸福感と、疲労と、なんとも非日常的な 3泊4日でした。シティから1日一本しかない飛行機(しかも朝6時の便のみ)でほんの30分、そこからひっくり返りそうなボートで1時間(救命胴衣なども ちろんなく、そしてずぶぬれ)。島は本当に小さくて、対岸が見えます。

We arrived at 8:00 am (drenched head to toe from the 1 1/2 hour boat ride) at the beautiful island of Mr. Robinson's. Well worth the ride. A week earlier when we called to make reservations, somebody else answered the phone and when we asked to speak to Sr. Robinson, they shouted "Senor ROBINSON!!!!" as if calling to him at the next island over. I could only imagine that there was a pay phone sticking out of the sand with waves lapping up against it and Sr. Robinson was on a boat out at sea. As it turned out, that wasn't too far from the truth. On another island they have a pay phone, and whoever is there picks up the phone and then hunts down Senor Robinson. He's a mysterious man. We never met him, but they say he wanders the islands at night.


The beach was amazing. The sand was so soo soft. I mean look at these footprints. It was like walking on sand pillows in space.


The driftwood was pretty too.


Even the flowers were okay.


The waves also passed inspection.

Right of the beach there was a beautiful coral reef with lots of fish. Hours of great for snorkeling!


Naoko approved of the beach combing.


Palm trees have neat roots.

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laurie said...

Wow--it's gorgeous! ...postcard perfect...and the simplicity seems so inviting! Thanks for sharing!!!