San Blas: Food


Every morning starts with a cup of coffee or two or three. It's a pleasant surprise to have such a good coffee (note: coffee is one of the major commodities that Panama offers.)


Everyday, we had fish like this with rice. Very fresh and tasty! If you do not like fish, San Blas may not be a place you want to visit.


Occasionally, boat men will come to sell crabs and lobsters. We could have bought 2 big crabs and 4 lobsters for $10. But we decided that two crabs would be more than enough.


Miwan said...

I really envy you guys... We made a boiling pot type of dish the other night. It cost us more than $60. Needless to say that we didn't have crabs or lobsters...

Cheasty said...

oh, just got all caught up on your san blas adventure and I'M SO JEALOUS!! it looks wonderful, and i'm so glad you guys got some quality time away from the big city. miss you both!