How Things Work: Critical Condition

Its Carnival time here! The archive on Friday closed two hours early and during my walk back home at 2 o'clock I witnessed the mass exodus out of Panama City for the interior for days of drunken debauchery.

Hopefully people will be safe. When I got back to the apartment I heard ambulance sirens and automatically uttered, "God rest their soul."

Our friend Ally (who works at a hospital here) says, "if you're in critical condition in Panama City it means you're dead." Traffic doesn't move and the ambulances usually can never get to the injured party in time. Let alone get them to a hospital.

Here is a visual that illustrates why critical condition = dead.

Notice the ambulance trying to get to some poor dying person. Sirens on and horns blowing. Now, notice the white four-door sedan in the top left corner.

Instead of staying out the way, this asshole in the sedan cuts in front of the ambulance... even when the traffic isn't moving!! Some day (hopefully soon) that jerk will be in critical condition. I just hope whoever and wherever the person is in need of that ambulance will be okay.

So be safe celebrating Carnival wherever you may be! On Sunday, we're headed off to San Blas for three days.

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Cheasty said...

holy shit, TELL ME ABOUT IT! and managua isn't half as bad as that street scene looks, but people really honestly don't give a shit if there's an ambulance bearing down. for a laid back sort of culture, they sure are aggressive behind the wheel of a car...

enjoy san blas! wish i could be there with you!