Post-Election Analysis


Pretty cool.

But where's the terrorist fist-jabs?

And Michelle, what's up with that dress?

Celebrating in Obama, Japan. Nice, but I don't get the Hawaiian theme... Obama's from Hawaii... and Japan loves Hawaii?

We went to see the elections in a bar close to our apartment on CNN en espaƱol. The graphics, camera angles, and music are all the same. They even have those people who are pretending to work on labtops in front of the cameras (give me a break Wolf Blitzer and crowd!)

The reactions here in Panama City have been interesting. Everything from energetic enthusiasm to indifference. We asked the bartender who she wanted to win the election. With her right index finger she simply rubbed the top of left hand (indicating her skin color) and smiled broadly.

I've never before been "congratulated" on being "American." During my first day of full research (after many hours of being hunched over a microfilm machine), the door suddenly swung opened and I turned around a bit startled. A middle-aged man walked in to the small room and asked how I was doing. And then asked if I was "American." I replied in the affirmative. And he responded with: "congratulations!" A bit confused I asked, "...Why? ...Obama?" He confirmed with enthusiam, "El Presidente!!"


T said...

The best part about those Obama-shi dancers: I know them! They danced at the Hawaiian Festival. I about died laughing when I saw them on the election coverage.

Looks pretty beautiful down there. I'm already saving for a visit.

naokoandjeff said...


You know them? Can you name them please? Also, is Obama in the Hawaii province?