Guess what?? Naoko went dancing!

Without threats or coercion, Naoko willingly went salsa dancing last night. And she really, really had a fabulous time! (The three rum and cokes helped, but we genuinely had a good time). So much so that Naoko and I decided we would make this a weekly thing and teach ourselves some salsa!


The reason for this adventure was that Naoko's Spanish class had a little field trip and so we all went dancing together. We were glad because none of Naoko's classmates had any idea how to salsa. And the place we went to had lessons which was sort of nice, but there was only one teacher to about fifty beginners students. We were in the back row so it felt like it was the blind leading the blind. Regardless, we had a grand ol' time. Plus we got some exclusive one-on-one salsa tutoring during the "free dance" session.




Takeshi said...

So...When you guys come back to Austin, we should take a Salsa dance party for you guys!!!! of course, you guys have to show off what you have learned!:)


Naoko said...

Senor Takeshi,

Cheasty said...

Yay, Naoko! Learn to dance so good that you make Jeff look bad and then we can all laugh at him! that will be the most fun ever... :)

naokoandjeff said...

Dear Ms. Amazingcheastypants,

As editor of this fine publication, my job entails monitoring and deleting all inappropriate and offensive comments. Your comment above has undergone an intensive investigation and review process by our editorial board. We have decided to leave your boarder-line threats posted for the time being. Please note that Jeff's feelings are easily hurt and he does not liked to be laughed at, especially on an online forum. We expect that you will take more responsibility for your online chatter.

All the best,

The Editors of the Potsusaker Post

Ito said...

自分も踊れないけどサルサやってみたぃと思ってました~^^ すごぃ楽しそう!!

emi said...

Jeff!! sounds like you are having fuuuuun time with Naoko:) how is your work?? Hope everything is going well for you!! ;)



naokoandjeff said...



Cheasty said...
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