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This is our new apartment. Nice tiled floor. Furnished. Huge windows. We love the mornings because its nice and cool with the windows open and the breeze. It's easy to spend an hour or two just drinking coffee and enjoying life. An added bonus is the view from the roof.

The fruit here is wonderful. We eat papaya every morning with yogurt and maybe with some pineapple or grapefruit or watermelon... hmm... papaya breakfast.

This is Einstein's head. That brown crap drippin from his eye is some type of animal feces. I know. I checked. I would guess a bird, a large rodent, or a sick human. Anyway, it gives Albert some character I guess.

November. Nothing gets done in November. NOTHING. The first week is to celebrate independence from Colombia. The last week is to celebrate independence from Spain. And the rest is just to celebrate. This makes it a little frustrating trying to get internet service. Right now we're bumming it off some neighbor. The connection is very very unreliable. Anyway, its fun to observe people getting excited about the holidays.


Anil Naik said...

Jeff and Naoko!

Emilee and I have been enjoying your posts. The new pad looks good and breakfast looks great! You need to send us the mailing address of your new place.

naokoandjeff said...

Hey Anil and Emilee!

Our address is a bit complicated right now. The mail doesn't really work like it does in the states. We're thinking about getting a PO Box that is technically located in Miami but that we can walk down the street and pick up mail. Plus we could order stuff from Amazon and the like. Can you wait until we figure out what we're doing with that exactly?

Hope all is well!