Tomas Arias's Waterfall

The following post is part IV of a special Potsusaker Post series on a weekend trip to El Valle with our friends Blake and Lisette.


We also visited a beautiful waterfall. According to Lonely Planet it is named "Chorro El Macho" (Manly Falls). But really it should be named Tomas Arias's Waterfall.

The reason? Let me explain. In order to see this waterfall we had to pay $3-$4 each (supposedly for maintaining the short trail, bridge, ect.). But where they really try to make their money is the $40 "canopy tour" where they send you down a zip line on a harness. Quick note: this is a private waterfall, not public. Tucked away on the trail is a nice little monument to "Tomas Arias" for preserving the "manly" waterfall (privately of course). We chuckled. Oh yes, THAT Tomas Arias! The very powerful oligarch from back in the early 1900s. You know, that political family who, as Blake likes to remind me, has ruled Panama since Viceroy Arias executed Balboa. But hey, as long as they privatize the waterfalls and keep the trails nice... Let the free market rule!


No jumps on this bridge. Whew!


Really a pretty area.


Thanks Tomas!

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