Hiking Up "La India Dormida"

The following post is part III of a special Potsusaker Post series on a weekend trip to El Valle with our friends Blake and Lisette.


In the late morning we went on a hike up one of the many mountains in El Valle. We chose to the most famous route up "La India Dormida." Watch out for roots! It's named that because the silhoutte of the mountain is supposed to look like a "sleeping Indian woman." But if you ask me, it just looks like a mountain (large hill?).


Naoko pondering climbing a tree for a better view of the surroundings. This was Naoko's first "big" hiking trip and she made it to the top with minimal belly-aching. Good job Naoko! A+


At the top of "La India Dormida." From left to right: Lisette, Blake.