Cerro Ancon


Every morning we drink coffee and admire this view of Cerro Ancon or Ancon Hill. It used to be in the Canal Zone (US territory) and the administrative center of the canal (and still is). The other weekend we hiked up Ancon with Daya to have a panoramic look of the city.


At the very top of the hill is a large Panamanian flag waving. This is particularly significant given that the US flag flew here until 1977 for everyone in the city to see.


This is a view of the canal and Pedro Miguel locks from the top Cerro Ancon.


This is a view of the Casco Viejo and surrounding neighborhoods.


Notice the ships waiting to enter the canal. The colorful buidings are in the Chorrillo neighborhood and not really somewhere you would want to wander around at night (or even during the day).



This is a eastern view of the city (looking away from the canal). Close up is Calidonia that bleeds into Bella Vista. The highrise buildings on the other side of Panama Bay is Punta Paitilla, a newer wealthy financial district.

It was a nice hike and even saw a toucan on the way up.