Panama la Vieja 2


This weekend we went to Panama Viejo again. And guess what? The ruins were still there.


But this time we actually saw Puente del Rey. Kind of a let down. But now we can say that we've seen it. There is supposed to be water that flows underneath the bridge, but really its just sewage, syringes, the plastic six-pack tops that seagulls kill themselves on, TV parts, used-condoms, and some unfortunate turtle trying to find his way out of the god-forsaken hell hole. (That's what we're looking at in the picture -the turtle. I'm pondering to jump in and help...)


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Cheasty said...

ech. well, the ruins look pretty, but that poor little turtle! i hope you rescued it, jeffypants. it's what superheros and conquering barbarian warlords do.