Playa Coronado

The following post is part I of a special Potsusaker Post series on a weekend trip to El Valle with our friends Blake and Lisette.


On our way to El Valle we stop at Playa Coronado, a beach about 45 minutes outside of Panama City. Our first attempt to get to the beach was thwarted by a security officer who stopped our car and told us that we needed to be residents or hotel guests to enter. We said that we thought the beaches were public. He responded, "Yes, the beach is public, but the road to the beach was NOT public, but private." All beaches in Panama are public, but apparently privatizing the only decent road is a way of getting around this so rich people and tourists don't have to worry about "riff raff" disturbing their weekend beach trips.

The officer then told us that there was a public road down the highway five minutes. So we decided to try this route rather than protest. The "public" road was awful. Thankfully our friends have a SUV, which is often necessary to get around parts of Panama.


We eventually got to the beach, which was very nice. Naoko is quite the beachcomber and she noted the high quality of shells and sea glass at Playa Coronado.


There was also some wild life! The four of surrounded and caught a little crab. Hmmm.... lunch!


After a nice walk along the beach we headed back toward our destination.... on the public roads.


Cheasty said...

i love that picture on the bottom!

naokoandjeff said...

Cheasty, they are for sale.... I can send you a catalogue.

Cheasty said...

ooh, I love catalogues!

naokoandjeff said...

It's in the mail.