The Orchid Center of El Valle

The following post is part V (the finale) of a special Potsusaker Post series on a weekend trip to El Valle with our friends Blake and Lisette.


Our last stop before leaving El Valle was the Orchid Center, a non-profit group run by some old Japanese men who speak Japanese, English, and Spanish. We arrived on a very, very special day. The purple orchids pictured above only bloom once a year for one day only. And that was the day we were there! Neat!


The valley walls around El Valle are supposedly a rare place in the world where all sorts of unique and endangered orchids grow. If you go to the market in downtown El Valle, they sell these orchids for $5 a pop. According to the non-profit, that because of the lack of jobs people go up the mountains and harvest whatever orchids they can find to sell to the city's weekend tourists. The center is trying to grow common, non-native orchids for people to sell at the market as an alternative.


The group says that they are trying to create different job opportunities to keep people from harvesting the orchids, but maybe they're really just trying to crush their competitors so they can be the only ones selling at the market. (To be fair the Orchid Center itself does not sell flowers at the market or even at the center).



Nice people. Beautiful flowers.