Every Tuesday is "movie night" at our house. Some recent showings include The Color Purple, A Few Good Men, Curundu, Capote, and Before Night Falls. While at the grocery store last Tuesday, I ran into some microwave popcorn. "Ah, what goes better with a movie than popcorn?" I thought to myself.

But when I got home I suddenly realized that I didn't have a microwave to make the popcorn. Damn.

So I figured I would make popcorn the good ol' fashion way: on the stove top. (I remembered that as a kid my my mom made popcorn like that all the time. Of course she would never used the microwave popcorn for the stove top process...)

And it worked! Quicker than a microwave too! It tasted better too!

And Naoko was happy! I felt pretty silly for being so mentally dependent on a microwave to make me popcorn. For now own we're making stove top popcorn (and without out the microwavable kernels). Try it. Don't be a slave to Act III and the microwavable industrial popcorn complex!


Cheasty said...

oh, that's fantastic! who knew?! going OUTCONUS sure does expand your skill set.

Tim said...

I can't believe that worked... Glad you're there on the front lines of microwave-less cooking for me.

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