El Valle

The following post is part II of a special Potsusaker Post series on a weekend trip to El Valle with our friends Blake and Lisette.

El Valle is a small town two hours outside of Panama City, which is located in the crater of a volcano that erupted three millions years ago (according to local legend). The entire valley used to be a lake (also many many years ago, according to local legend). The town is more or less a weekend getaway for wealth Panamanians from the city who have second (or third) homes in El Valle. Their kids like to drive noisey motorbikes and four-wheelers around the otherwise peaceful streets.

連休を利用して、近郊の街、El Valle (エルバジェと発音) に2泊3日で行ってきました。エルバジェとは、その名の通り、谷(カルデラ)にできた小さな街です。シティから車で約2時間。標高が高いので、涼しい!!!!夜には、パナマに来て初めて長袖を着ました。気持ちよい~。パナマの軽井沢と名づけました。

One major attraction in El Valle is the weather. Because of the altitude, the temperature is about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the city. We enjoyed drinking coffee outside with the beautiful scenery.


Another attraction is the anti-littering campaign. Signs read something to the effect of "Love your Panama... don't litter" and so forth. Nevertheless we observed a person nonchalantly tossing a plastic bottle on the side of the road like it was nothing. Maybe they hadn't read the signs yet... I like this sign the best.


This is the window looking out of the little cabana that we stayed in. Very cozy and charming. At night we played "Panama Monopoly." And being the good little capitalist that Jeff is, he won. It's all about owning Casco Viejo and showing no mercy.



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