Oregon or Bust!: Christianizing the Pagans

Despite the threats of Hurricane Ike, Naoko's mom and her friends arrived safe and sound in San Antonio bound for Oregon. However, on the first day of our road trip I realized a horrible truth. My fellow travelers were in the favor of my lord Jesus Christ... for they were pagans. Yes, pagans. Unbelievers. Satan's minions. Ignorant blobs. Christ's goldmines, etc.

Immediately, I took them to a standard back-up for such situations: Mission San Jose. While they were chattering amonst themselves, I blessed them with a good ol' "in the name of the father, son, and the holy ghost." They didn't even know what hit them. Boom. I hit the back of their knees so they could learn to pray and from that moment on they ceased being pagans and became fellow travellers of Christ. Crisis averted and the road trip could continue.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff,
Just a few typos in this one and misuse of word seized. PhD candidate? Actually, this was very humorous as usual.

naokoandjeff said...

Hey anonymous,

I don't know what you're talking about. There is no "seized" in this posting.