Death Valley's Unexpected Beauty

"I'm not a hunter, but I am told..."

These tracks are very interesting to me. I'm not sure what mysterious animal would leave this type of print. A two-legged lizard? A sandchicken? Perhaps just a dog?

This is a plant that looks like it belongs in the middle of some vibrant sea. I'm not sure what it is doing in Death Valley...

The Devil's Cornfield. This is more like Death Valley. Rocks, dead bushes... and the devil (right hand corner).

My favorite spot. Once upon a time there was a mighty ocean here. Only thing left now is some salt. Cracks don't get much more beautiful than this... (unless they come around to fix your toilet).


Cheasty said...

jeff and naoko, what a wonderful trip you're taking! i've loved seeing your pictures and reading whatever i can read on this blog. safe travels and shoot me an email with approximate arrival dates when you know them!

Kazu said...

Nice pictures Jeff! How was the trip from Las Vegas to Sacramento by the way?