4000 Words

A picture speaks a thousand words, no? Here's a handful of some of political cartoons that I've run across lately.

Whipping back the wolves of vice, prostitution, and the corruption of minors.

Uncle Sam injecting Panama's breasts with a new treaty. The loin cloth is labeled the "Panama Canal." The syringe behind Tio Sam's back is "annexation" and the broken syringe of "international rights" lies on the ground. Click on the picture for more details!

The red-light district is on the right and the rest speaks for itself.

Gotta love the guy hurling chunks on the sidewalk. It happens. Reminds me of the time in Kyoto when I ran into a pile of puke with a set of dentures smack in the middle. "Honey, what happen to your teeth?"


Cheasty said...

oh, those are AWESOME! i'm so jealous of your cartoons, jeff. i've found some funny ones, but socialist revolutionaries lack something in the 'unselfconscious cartooning and self-mockery" department. :)

Renny said...

Whoa, that doctor one is crazy. Very kinky.