San Blas 2: Cabana Coco Blanco


We took my parents to San Blas and stayed on the island of Ogobsibudup at the Coco Blanco cabanas. Its a very small island with a couple of other cabanas, four or five familes, some pigs, a small pet parekeet, hammocks, three large water tanks, solar panels, and a septic tank.


These cabanas were toward the high-end in San Blas.



Raised floors, pillows, sheets, and a light bulb.


But most luxurious of all, each cabana had a private bathroom with a shower, a flush toilet, and a sink.


Look close at the picture above. That's the shower.


One of the highlights of Coco Blanco was the food. Hmmm... so good. While many places has just rice and fish for meals, Coco Blanco goes all out. As Naoko says, "I had aldente pasta for the first time in Panama... in San Blas!"


And of course the beaches of Coco Blanco were beautiful. A huge reef around the island made for shallow water with lots of sea creatures. At its deepest, the water was only waist deep... just enough to snorkle around and check out all the shells, fish, sea cucumbers, and sea anemonies.

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Cheasty said...

wow. what a gorgeous place. i'm glad you had such fun with the parents!